Information about our Pool resurfacing project and how it will affect your memberships.

The competition and leisure pool basins are in very poor condition and have been extensively patched for the last several years. The process of removing the old lining and re-lining the pools with plaster is necessary at this point.  The C. V. Starr Community Center has arranged for the project to begin on November 22nd, 2019 both pools be closed for a period of approximately six weeks with an anticipated reopen date of January 1st, 2020.

During this period, we invited all members to continue their memberships and utilize the other half of the facility. If this is not a viable option, we would like to offer those members the option of “freezing” their membership. Member who wish to “freeze” their membership must notify the front desk that they wish to do so.

Members who have annual passes will be credited or refunded in the amount of 42 days.

Members who have monthly recurring passes will have the October 26th payment (that pays for November membership) prorated so that it covers the 19 days in November that the pool will be open. The November 26th payment (that pays for December membership) will not happen. Payments will be taken on December 26th as usual to pay for January membership.

If you wish to “freeze” your membership, please fill this out and turn it into the front desk. Membership Freeze Form

*We have also taken into consideration the two days in November that the pools will be closed for the Sea Dragons Swim Meet. November 16th and 17th