Open Seats

The MCRPD Board has four seats up for election November 2020. There are two short term seats open and two people have filed to fill them so they are running unopposed. They are current board members Leslie Bates and Barbara Burkey. There are two long term seats open that will be four year terms. Five people have decided to run for the long term seats. The people running for the long term seats are: Cynthia Coupe, Cutler Crowell, Angela Dominguez, John Huff and Keith Stiver. 

Barbara Burkey

Vice Chair

Committee Assignments: Personnel Committee, District Services Committee

Term expires: December 2020

Kirk Marshall


Committee Assignments: Regional Park Committee, 

Term expires: December 2020

Leslie Bates


Committee Assignments: Personnel Committee, Botanical Gardens Advisory

Term expires: December 2020

Bob Bushansky


Committee Assignments: Regional Park Committee, MECCA, Facilities Review, Finance Committee

Term expires: December 2022