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Mike Mihos

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Certifications: ISSA and ASFA Certified, ASFA Certified Sports Nutritionist 

CPR/AED Certified

First Aid/Concussion protocol Certified

Specializations: Muscle Mass, Lean Muscle Mass, Weight Loss, Strength Training, Circuit Training, Core Training, Endurance Training, Injury Prevention, Sport Specific Training, Functional Training and Total Body Fitness

Experience: 20yrs

Philosophy: Fitness is a huge part of my life, and it’s my lifestyle. Exercise is my passion, and working out is one of my highlights in every day. I have a broad-spectrum client base, from weight loss to muscle development, sport specific training for youth and adults, elderly and special needs persons. I specialize in providing the professional assistance (Education, Motivation, and Accountability) needed to help create good habits and permanent lifestyle changes by customizing individual plans that include ,but are not limited to: 

• Weight lifting, 

• Nutrition, 

• Cardio, 

• Core strengthening, 

• Balancing, 

• Resistance/Flexibility training and

• Vitamins/Supplement recommendations.

 I believe in making exercise fun but also challenging. I believe in training for life and not just short-term benefits. With hard work, motivation, the right support and tools, we can achieve your goals together. 

About me: I was born, raised and live in the small coastal town of Fort Bragg CA. 

I enjoy motorcycles, mountain biking, hiking, cooking, sports and pretty much anything that involves staying active and productive.

I am very proactive in youth sports and coach year-round baseball, basketball, soccer and football. My greatest achievement above all will always be raising and guiding my son to be the best he can be in all aspects of life.