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Mendocino Tennis Club

A tennis club flyer advertising lessons with Coach Seth Ferguson for $105, including contact info and a QR code for registration.

We are so happy to welcome Tennis Coach, Seth Ferguson, to Fort Bragg as well as to the tennis world here on the coast!  The local athletes are so lucky to have a tennis trainer who knows the sport, has patience, and has great knowledge for skill and development of Tennis.

This introductory class is designed to teach the basic skills of tennis and develop fundamentals and the understanding of the sport.  The kids will learn the rules of the game, the equipment of the game, and strategies as well.  The athletes will learn from a highly developed tennis coach who has excellent knowledge and patience to teach and instill the love of the sport to all the students.

  • Please bring your own tennis racquet, we are looking for used tennis racquets to hand out or rent a racquet online when registering!



Payment Plans available 

Saturday and Sunday Classes to choose from