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News about what is going on with Silver Sneaks, other senior memberships and pricing at the C. V. Starr Community Center , Dec 6, 2018

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The C. V. Starr Center is maintaining our relationship with the Silver Sneaker program. We will continue to honor Silver Sneakers Memberships to those who qualify for them.
The changes that are happening are because there are some health insurance plans that are dropping Silver Sneakers as one of their benefits.

We are going to implement two new programs in addition to Silver Sneakers called Healthy Contributions or Optum health plans.

One of the new plans is called Renew Active. Renew Active is exactly like Silver Sneakers, there is no cost to the member and we will bill the program and be reimbursed by the visit. This plan is estimated to cover only about 10-20 people in our area based on current insurance enrollments.

The second new plan is a cost share plan. It is called AARP Medicare Supplement Program and it is also offered by Optum/Healthy Contributions. Members who are eligible for it will have to pay the C. V. Starr Center 50% of their membership upfront and we will bill the program for the other 50%. Seniors who are eligible for this plan may choose the membership they wish, pay the center 50% upfront and we will take care of the rest. (this does not include daily drop ins) This plan is estimated to cover close to 400 people in our area based on current insurance enrollments.

The C. V. Starr Center fees are going up slightly in 2019.
The new fees will be the following for seniors who are 62+:
Drop in (one day) $6
One month $36
Monthly Recurring with 6-month commitment and automatic payments $31
Year membership $335

Our best advice to anyone who has questions about these changes is that they should contact their health plan providers and find out what fitness plan that they will qualify for on January 1, 2019. If it is one of the new programs the member will need to stop by the front desk of the C. V. Starr and re-signup under the new membership.