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The C. V. Starr Community Center Closed on March 17th 2020 while Shelter-in-place orders and COVID-19 restrictions put a halt to community use of the Center. In May 2020 all but essential staff were laid off. In November 2020, City of Fort Bragg Council Members, Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District Board Members along with the essential staff from the C. V. Starr Community met to discuss the timeline of re-opening the Center. All involved believed that it would be best for the Community and the Center to wait re-open when we would be relatively assured that the Center would not have to close again.  It was determined that the Center would re-open once Mendocino County reached the Yellow Tier in the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy. The rehiring of staff would take place once Mendocino County reached the Orange Tier to allow time for recruitment and training. Mendocino County has reached the Orange Tier in California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy as of today, April 7th 2021. The C. V. Starr Community Center is now tasked with onboarding and training the necessary number of staff need to re-open the Center safely. We are hopeful that Mendocino County and the State of California will continue to improve through the Blueprint for a safer economy system over the next several weeks. If the COVID-19 case numbers allow a safe re-opening and the Center has adequate staffing the target re-opening would be summer 2021.  If you are interested in working at the C. V. Starr Community Center, please go to the C. V. Starr Community Center website and check the employment opportunities regularly.